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Okay so those of you who really know me, know that I have an obsession with Rihanna. Yes, I know she hasnt been the greatest role model there is for young women, but I’m an adult so shut your face! I love her unique sense of style. Some how she always stays up on trends and also creates them. I love that even though she is filthy rich from all the music deals, endorsement deals, clothingline, sneaker line, and many other deals that she has, Rihanna always manages to dress down when shes hanging out with her friends. I love that she can disconnect herself from the “Superstar Rihanna” and just be Robyn for a change, its very refreshing to me.


Another reason I love her so much is because of all the self sacrificies she has made to get where she is. She started out in Barbados as a poor girl and ventured to NYC all by herself at the age of 17 to do something useful with her life and use her talent to get her into a better life. After doing all that the fact that she stays so humble is what makes me like her the most. I also love that she keeps things classy when she’s in public. Yeah sometimes she does a bit of grossness but who doesn’t these days?


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