Final CT 101 Post

This is the final post for this CT 101 class and I must say I am a little sad.

When I finish watching Dear Zachary

I really enjoyed the self learning I did in this class as far as pushing myself to learn a little photoshop and some other things such as GIF’s and Hyperlinks which I have never really used before in the past. I feel like after this class I want to start blogging more and learning more about Photoshop because I was really starting to understand how it works.

I fucking did it!

I am a journalism major and my professors were always trying to get me to do a blog post every week and run a page where I display my writing talents. I never wanted to do that because honestly I found that extremely boring and I wasn’t sure what was good to post and what wasn’t. Plus I didn’t really have any idea’s on what I wanted to post about and I thought it would be a bore just to have journalism stuff up there. I was really glad when I saw the DS106 assignments page with all the different assignments to try in order to stretch my skills and learn new things.

My new favorite eyeroll reaction gif, I give to you to use how you wish imgurians

I enjoyed this class but I would have liked to do more one on one learning when it came to creating the mixed genre and mixed graphics lessons. I tried to keep up with the professor and everyone else as far as the learning each week, but I found that I tended to go on my own tangents and create my own stuff because everything was going way too fast.

MRW a professor goes too fast through a power point and you don’t have enough time to write all the info down

Even when the professor tried to explain everything to me one on one he was just too into it and going to fast for me to understand anything. I would definitely take this class a second time now that I have learned these basic skills, because I might actually be able to keep up this time.


The assignments that I really enjoyed doing were the designing assignments and the visual and writing assignments from the DS106 page. I tried to get a lot done and I mean although the website looks okay, I really wanted to do a lot more. I will still be working on it over the winter break since I wont be here for winter semester, so there is definitely more to come.


I will keep this site going for as long as I can because I really put a lot of time and work into this page and I feel like I need to keep it going for as long as I can.

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  1. Great great work here!
    You have done a fantastic job!
    Ah, so sorry if things seemed too fast, but the good part is everything we have covered is on our class website – you can always refer to the blog posts on the calendar to revisit each project and take you time. This is the beauty of tech-ed style learning.
    Thank you so much for your hard work and super consistent progress each week!

    happy holidays!

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